LOTRT: July 24

WOO MONDAY. That means a Look Of The Recent Timeframe, which in this case I did like an hour ago because I forgot to do it yesterday and Saturday night’s makeup wasn’t really all that interesting. So this one is EXTRA recent, and here we go :


The main sparklebomb here is another one of my own random concoctions (sorrrryyyy) but it’s basically pigment + sparkles + tiny glittery flakes, so just find your favorite loose cosmetic glitter BUT PREP WITH GLITTER PRIMER (I used the e.l.f. one) because ~fallout~.

Anyway, after you do your glitter primer and let it set for a sec, do the whole lid and up past crease with your sparklebomb. Mine’s kinda darkish and I went up too far and had a weird hard line (which is much more apparent in Meat Space than it is in pics) SO THEN…

Grab a neutralish super shimmery shadow that’ll blend nicely with your sparklebomb but isn’t too far off your skintone. I used Urban Decay’s eyeshadow in “Rock,” which, oh my god I have the most amazing knack for accidentally picking discontinued colors for this fucking column, SORRY AGAIN. Anyway, it’s kind of a cool pale khaki with a load of silvery stuff. Use that to try to diffuse the upper edge of your too-dark sparklebomb, but now you’ve just got a stripe of shimmery khaki, ugh.

Then get a matte powder shadow that actually does match your skin (I used ColourPop’s pressed powder shadow in “Full Zip“). Brush that along browbone and down into your inappropriate ex post facto transition shade. This is marginally better.

LINER O’CLOCK. I did upper waterline, between lashes, and lower waterline plus a little V at the outer edge, and pulled it out into a wing. Since I was using a product that rendered this actually possible (ColourPop’s potted Creme Gel liner in “Best O”), I also scuffed it along my lower lashline and blended it out with a stiffish pointy brush.

Then, on lower lid to add more Stuff and also further diffuse/blend the scuffed part of the liner, hit it with the same ex post facto transition shade.

Then mascara (Dinoplatz, as usual) and you’re done! Woooooo.

Your turrrrrn. Share a recent look! Or not! Rebelling is cool!