LOTRT: July 17

Okay so this week’s LOTRT came out pretty well, but did not photograph well. This is partly because my whole upper eyelid is covered with a super sheer shimmer that WOULD. NOT. show up in pics … and partly because I’m bad at photographing my makeup. However, it *does* feature my fresh dye job, so let’s soldier on :


MAC Fluidline in “Royal Wink,” which you should not buy because it fucking sucks. SORRY. But for real, I’ve tried this with four different brushes, and it only vaguely kinda works if you use your softest floppiest brush and sort of pat it on. Even then it takes 2-3 layers to get anywhere near opaque, and it still looks kinda patchy/crusty (not as crusty as the similarly-colored NYX cream liner, which was so gross-looking when it dried down that I actually threw it away). The consistency is great — it’s not as thick/stiff as ColourPop’s cream liners, so it’s thin enough to easily get a neat edge with, but without being too loose or watery. However, it’s hilariously underpigmented and NOPE. Anyway, take your shitty frustrating bright blue liner and do the typical upper line plus flick. (And if you have a non-shitty one, pls tell me about it.)


Upper waterline and between lashes in black, because that makes your whole upper rim / lashline area look so much stronger and more “complete” and “done.” I used the kinda annoying NARS stylo as usual, because the Fluidline was like “LOL NOPE OMG GOOD ONE” and would not deposit any amount of color in those areas because, again, it’s hot trash. Whatever.

MASCARA. Dinoplatz, as per usual, followed by cleanup via q-tip of all the little specks ‘n’ flecks.

All over upper lid and through crease, a sheer glittery shimmer shadow. I used ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in “Sailor” which is basically my favorite thing on earth right now. The base color is quite transparent, and is only verrrry slightly deeper and more warm than my own skintone (it’s a sort of light yellow-peach). It also has SPARKLES GALORE in the blue/turquoise/aqua range, and it’s freaking magical and I heart it lots.

On lower lid, a deep blue shimmery shadow. This is Armani Eyes To Kill Intense eyeshadow (the ones that come in a little glass jar, yet they’re a chunky semi-compacted powder rather than a cream) in “Blast of Blue.” It’s a jumbled mix of deep cobalt and gold, which when blended reads vaguely as “navy.”

HEY ALSO I actually did a whole face look for this one. Blush, which really isn’t super apparent here, is Japonesque Velvet Touch in 01, which has been my most-used blush since I got it. It’s pink, but with warm/peachy undertones, so it’s enough “color” but it’s still pretty low key and won’t fight with strong or colorful eye makeup. Hair color is BOSS AS ALL GET-OUT, and if you need to know, it’s a mix of One N Only Perfect Intensity dyes in Midnight, Royal Purple, and Chrome in roughly a 2/1/1 ratio. It’s slightly more blue/less purple in person than it appears here, because I got tired of trying to edit it to make the hair color look accurate without making my skin color look like I’d just been fished out of a dank bog.

The main takeaway you should get out of this, tho? Is that you should buy ColourPop’s Ultra Matte lipstick in “Avenue,” if you don’t already own it, and when it’s almost dry pat some “Sailor” eyeshadow on top because whaaaat.