If Jar Packaging is the Satan of Skincare, This is the Dean Winchester of Solutions

(… Does that mean *Sam* is technically the jar? Maybe I should just drop the metaphor.)

We can all agree that jar packaging is as terrible as pie is delicious, right? The sensitive actives degrade when exposed repeatedly to light and air, you have to stick dirty fingers into it (or use a spatula, which you then have to clean), and screwing the lid back on with slippery fingers is damn annoying. (It’s the little things, y’all.)

What if I told you that for <$20, you could transform six of your jar products into airtight pumps?


For <$20, you can transform six of your jar products into airtight pumps.

HOW?!?!?!?!? You beg. TELL ME YOUR WAYS.

First, you’ll need to get a photograph of yourself. Then go to a crossroads at midnight, and …

Ha, just kidding. We’re gonna Amazon Prime that shit.


– airtight pump bottles. I got six for $19 on Amazon, but you can also find similar products on Wish for $1 apiece … but with slow shipping, and they’re transparent. (Depending on the product you intend to put in it, you’ll want to keep transparent bottles away from sunlight as much as possible. I wouldn’t use it for Vit C.)

– a wide-tipped syringe (check your local pharmacy; I got a two-pack from Walmart)

– a thin rubber scraper (my Home Ec teacher told us she’d fail us if we called these ‘spatulas,’ since spatulas are the long thin flat knives used to spread frosting on the crumb layer of a cake; I won’t fail you if YOU call them spatulas, though)

– the jar product whose soul (or formulaic integrity, or whatever) you want to save

QUICK NOTE: user reviews of the Amazon pumps (the ones I bought) indicate they have a ~1/3 failure rate. I’m fine paying what I did for only four functional pumps, but I’m also assuming ahead of time that some of them aren’t going to work. Managing expectations is probably good.


Unscrew the top of the pump bottle.

Open your jar product.

Stick the syringe into the product and suck some into the syringe.

Squeeze the product out into the pump bottle.

Repeat as needed.

If there’s leftover product in the jar that you can’t quite get with the syringe, spatula it out and transfer it into the pump bottle.

Screw the pump back onto the bottle.

Pump it a few times — as you pump, the little plastic disk at the bottom will rise up, creating an airtight(ish) seal. You can stop pumping once the product comes out. (You may have noticed that there’s no little tube that sucks the product up — the disk just pushes the product up towards the pump until it squeezes all the air out, thus keeping air out of the bottle. Nifty, right?)

Repeat with your other jar products.

That’s … pretty much it, tbh. But you can take satisfaction in knowing that many Beautypedia reviews are now USELESS for you (“This product is perfect and the formula is elegant, but it comes in a jar. TWO STARS.” NOT ANYMORE, SUCKAS) (I DO like Beautypedia, though I think their ratings system is a little ridiculous sometimes.)