Fake Popsicle Lips : ROUND TWO

So when Finch told me she was doing a Popsicle Lips tutorial today, I was all “YEAAAAH, PILE ON.” So for your edification, I tried the same technique (no foundation or concealer BS, apply stain to center of lips, blend out, layer and build up if necessary) with half a dozen different products. LET’S SEE WHAT WE’VE LEARNED.


Some “traditional” lip stains — sheer, glassy, glossy. But some aren’t! You can also get good/interesting results with other stuff! The best rule of thumb that my experiments have generated is : You want something that’s medium to dark in color, highly pigmented, but easy to blend/sheer out.

Labiotte Chateau Wine Lip Tint : RD03 This is a sort of low-key mauve/plum shade, similar to the YSL Glossy Stain in 04 Mauve Pigmente. Alas, while it’s great for an all-over nude-ish lip look, it’s not dark enough to work really well for this purpose.

Labiotte Chatea Wine Lip Tint : RD01 Now this one is a different story. WOO IT’S RED, CHERRY POPSICLE AHOY. Also, these taste strongly bright and tart fruity, which I love. This red also stains like a mofo, so it’s great for a first layer under another lippie whose color is prone to fading — apply, let dry down, wipe off the sticky glossy top surface, and cover with your lipstick of choice.

YSL Glossy Stain : 02 Brun Cachemire Yeah, this one is also sliiiightly underpigmented to be ultra-effective in a gradient/ombre thing. OTOH, it’s a nifty plum-brown color, which can be harder to find in a world chock full of red and hot pink stains.

Armani Ecstasy Lacquer : 602 Vertigo LOVE IT. This one can be a tiny bit tricky to apply as a full-lip thing because it’s quite dark yet quite sheer, so it’s not the easiest product to get a smooth evenly-pigmented look with. But it’s ACES for this!

ColourPop Blotted Lip : Lolly This isn’t really a “stain,” but I thought it miiiiight work for this purpose since it’s sheerish and long-wearing. But, nah — it doesn’t adhere quite as well to inner lip as I’d like, it doesn’t really stain, and it’s not dark enough to get a strong/dramatic gradient effect with. (I still love it tho.) (Also sorry for shitty blurry pic on this one.)

ColourPop Ultra Satin : Prim If you’re down with a more matte finish, a deep-colored Ultra Satin works SUPER WELL. I actually had best results with this one when I dabbed just a tiny bit (a little goes a super long way) on the center of my lips and kind of painted it around with a q-tip.

BONUS : If you want a little more definition on the outer part of your lips, pull out a matching liner and sketch (lightly) away!

Got a favorite product for a smear-it-on / deliberately-faded look? Tell us! Because we need an excuse to buy more lip things! (We really really don’t.)