Wherein Collier Procures More Eyeshadow She Didn’t Need.

Good Or Nah?

Raise your hand if you have a ColourPop addiction. [Raises hand, waves jauntily.] SO MANY THINGS! Shiny white mod-lookin’ packages! Great (usually) performance! So inexpensive! ALL THE COLORS. I’ve got at least one of most of their varieties of lip things, a dozen or so of the Super Shock shadows, a highlighter, numerous blushes, and a few potted cream liners plus the brow fill. However! I’d never gotten around to trying their newer pressed powder shadows, because I’m a rabid fan of cream formulas, and because I’ve had bad results — poor wear, skin irritation — from so many regular shadow formulas. But I figured HEY, they’re super cheap (currently $4 each!) and if you buy four you get a free little palette thing so… why not? If they don’t work for me, I can always send them to someone [waves to Finch] and it’s not like I’m out seventy bucks for an unwanted Chantecaille palette, you know?

The individual pressed shadows come packaged in a thin plastic protective case, inside a cardboard sleeve. Easy to open, easy to husk out of their shells. The little plastic cases are sufficient to protect and store them, but I wouldn’t let them rattle around loose in a drawer like that — they really do need to go in some manner of palette. Which, the four-pan palette that came with these is pretty nice! For cardboard, anyway.

It’s reasonably sturdy, looks fairly nice (tho it’s still brand new — I don’t think white coated cardboard can take a lot of abuse, however), has magnetic inserts in the base to hold the shadows in solidly (they don’t fall out if you turn it upside down and give it a shake, for instance), and the wrap-around lid closure is magnetic as well. It even has little divots/cutouts beside each color well for easy shadow removal if you want to swap them out or rearrange them.

My only complaints : 1) the interior lining is also coated paper, which means it’s going to get FILTHY and not be super easy to clean thoroughly, and 2) honestly this thing is way too big for just four shadows. I don’t use pre-fab palettes because I often hate half the colors, but also because I dislike using large makeup items. This this is A LOT of wasted space. My feeling is that this does not beget a sense of luxury or quality — it just makes it more annoying to use and harder to store. I mean, 6″ x 2.5″ x .75″ is just two inches shorter than a UD Naked palette, which holds a dozen shades plus a brush.

ANYWAY, it was free, so I probably shouldn’t complain too much. ON TO THE SHADOWS THEMSELVES.

FULL ZIP is a matte ivory that appears a little yellowy here due to the XTREME PINKNESS of my wrist. It’s a great browbone highlight, a good nude allover-color if you’re pretty fair-skinned, and also handy for dimming down / lightening / diffusing a color that ended up being a little Too Much. The first time I used it, my lids had serum, moisturizer, foundation and powder on them, and applying this on top yielded a truly revolting speckled cakey finish like badly-dyed leather. Ew. But! Subsequent wearings, I’ve used it just over bare skin or e.l.f. Shadow Lock primer, and it’s fab.

TAKE THE LEAD is … well, they call it “matte dusty medium grey,” which it decidedly is not. It’s taupe. It’s a slightly cooler and more desaturated taupe than usual, but it’s still definitely in the brownish family. TBH, it’s browner than I like or was hoping for, but it’s still totally usable. Blends smooooooooothly and easily, even on bare skin.

GAME CHANGER is a medium-light sea green with golden shimmer. Quite bright, quite metallic, not glittery. This reads as “cool light brassy gold with a hint of green” on me, and I’m down with it. Applies easily, easy to sheer out, easy to build up, easy over primer or over nothin’. EASY.

UP AND UP is basically Game Changer’s more hardcore cousin. A deeper cool-toned green base with greeny-gold shimmer, it’s pretty damn flashy, but also versatile (and it was the shadow in Monday’s LOTRT!). Performance is every bit as good as Game Changer.

Here’s a kind of half-assed look with Game Changer on the lid,Take The Lead in crease and blended up, and a bit of Full Zip on browbone. Plus my sock-bunned hair sticking out everywhere.

All of these wore REALLY well with no creasing and very little fading for eight hours plus on me, sans primer. Am I pleased? YES. Will I buy more of them? PROBABLY. Have I ordered more already? NO, because they seem to have a color selection at the moment that’s 85% pink, burgundy, brown, peach, tan, orange, and other assorted warm tones I never wear. So, I’m waiting for someone over there to decide “oh hey wait, greys and cool-toned colors are A Thing.”

VERDICT : SUPER GOOD. I’m into it. Will buy more. Already have a shopping list of colors. Am also looking for other magnetic palette options that will fit six or eight of these really well with little wasted space.

Tried ’em? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Share!