ChiChi Viva La Diva : FINALLY


Okay so a couple of these have shown up in other lipstick Swatchout collections, and I keep threatening to swatch all of the ones I’ve got … AND SO.  HERE WE ARE.


ChiChi Cosmetics is an Australian brand, and to my knowledge they aren’t sold anywhere directly in the U.S. However! They DO ship pretty much worldwide, AND they do free shipping to the States if you spend $100! Which, with the Viva La Diva lipsticks being a very reasonable $14.99 each at the moment (exchange rates means this fluctuates a bit), seven of them will get you there, and don’t even lie and say that you and a friend couldn’t find seven lipsticks to buy.


They’re currently in three finishes : matte, cream, and metallic. Buuuut I’m only seeing one “metallic” so let’s skip that, and also one of mine was originally marked as a “velvet” finish, which I assume means it’s halfway between the mattes and the creams. The cream finish is quite glossy and emollient, but not as thin and slippy feeling as, say, Lancome Rouge In Love. The matte, though, is seriously one of my favorite lipstick formulas ever. They’re really more of a satin-matte than a true matte finish, but they’re pigmented AF, they’re a little bit clingy but never tacky or sticky, they’re super comfortable, easy to reapply without getting those weird crusty crumbs, and VERY long-wearing. Bonus points : the mattes and my one cream-finish shade have a gorgeous light rosewater scent. The one “velvet” one I have is an undiscernible fruity scent which we’ll call “punch.” It’s fine, but that rosewater fragrance is boss as hell.

The tubes are plastic, but they’re thick and sturdy plastic, and the lids click closed securely. The cap’s finish is slightly rubberized (kinda like the NARS cases) for easy gripping. ALSO, the whole bottom of the bullet is a color well of the actual product (in addition to the color-name sticker on the base) so you never have to fumble around trying to figure out which one is which. A+ DESIGN.

What they’re not is completely transfer-proof. Since these are a traditional bullet rather than a liquid formula that dries down and sets, you WILL get some lipstick on your glass, on your pen, on whoever you happened to just make out with. (You guys one time I was wearing one of these reds and ~forgot~ and brought a boy home and when I looked in the mirror an hour later … oh my god. Oh my goddddd. The whole lower half of my face. “Did you just kill something and eat it?” But that same boy also looked at my smallish collection of vintage/antique books and said “what do you do with all these?” so it’s not like I super duper cared about post-makeout impressions there.)

After applying and blotting once or twice.


Arm swatches in four different lights. If you need to see it huuuuuge, right click and open image in new tab.

SEX BOMB is a pretty good “nude” for my skintone, since it’s kinda desaturated and has a little bit of brown, but still leans very cool. SOCIAL CLIMBER is probably a great nude for someone a little deeper and warmer than me — or a pretty good low-key terra cotta on my own face. HUSBAND SHOPPING is a retina-burning violet-magenta and it’s offensive as hell and I love it (also unlike many colors in that genre, this one isn’t too “creamy” or light or pastel-ized so it doesn’t have that plastic-paint look). RED CARPET RED is damn near neon. BOY MAGNET is pretty much the ultimate strong-but-not-dark-and-vampy blue-based red. COUNTESS is slightly lighter and more cool-toned, and I’d call it “strawberry red.” HOT IN THE CITY has just a bit of orangey-brown so that it reads as “light brick” on me.

As you might guess, for somebody who likes science and scifi and punk rock shit … the color names are the only downside of these. Holy eff they’re so bad it’s just offensive. DO BETTER THAN THIS, CHI CHI.

ChiChi Viva La Diva Lipsticks


They wear lonnnnng for a non-dry and non-drying bullet lipstick. I’d compare their longevity roughly with Bite’s Amuse Bouche line, for me anyway. They remain comfortable and pigmented for quite a few hours (assuming you don’t eat anything). But maybe my favorite thing about them is how smooth they remain, and how well they cling to the inner lip area. We’ve already talked about how I can’t stand when there’s that sliver of uncolored lip at the center of  your mouth? These adhere to that area much better than most formulas. Here’s a comparison of Burberry Lip Velvet in Military Red (left) and ChiChi in Countess (right), both just applied and blotted once :

Also, here’s Countess after about an hour and a half of drinking/talking/etc (no eating) :

IN CONCLUSION : Long wear, cute case, great scent, pretty good color selection, non-drying, extremely reasonable price tag. These are one of my absolute favorites, one of the few lipsticks I own in many multiple shades and will still buy more of.

Tried ’em? ADORE OR ABHOR? Tell me I’m not the only one who loves these.