Look : I am a fiend for shoes. While I could happily get by with a couple of black tees, some leggings, and pair of shorts or a miniskirt for the rest of my life, I need fancy shoes. They’re more than just a garment! They’re wearable works of art! And since they’re significantly sturdier and more durable than a top or a dress, I don’t balk so easily at a higher price tag … but I do balk at the same-old same-old stuff that’s the standard fare at department stores and Zappos and Amazon. But where do you find unusual/amazing things that make you bounce and clap with glee like a five year old at the zoo? Below, some of my favorite online destinations when I need a fix :

YOOX: European retailer Yoox is indisputably the queen of fabulous shoes. You’ll find brands you’ve never heard of, and also brands you’re familiar with (Alaïa, Margiela, Melissa) but often in a different selection of products than what’s available stateside. Many are from last season, but A) who cares? and B) that means SALE. I’ve got probably 15-20 pairs from here ranging from “crazy expensive but seriously discounted” to “holy shit those are only thirty bucks? All three colors, pls.”

Apepazza beaded sandals, $30; Pierre Darre T-strap flats, $73

LolaRamona: If you’re willing to spend $100 and up on something mindblowingly adorable, Lola Ramona can probably hook you up. Bonus : they’ve got a lot of vegan styles too!

Angie P heels, EUR 135

KurtGeiger: A pretty massive selection, ranging from higher-end options (particularly their flagship line and their Carvela collab, which can run $150-250) to cheap ‘n’ fun. I particularly like that their wares run the gamut of “simple, clean-lined, and versatile” to “jesus those are BONKERS.”

Blossom heels, $75; Raphy sandals, $75; Magnus slides, $155

TiltedSole: Did Kurt Geiger not have something sufficiently bonkers? Then this is your next stop. Irregular Choice, YRU, United Nude, Cape Robbin, and a handful of other WTF designers, plus a hefty selection of more “normal” offerings from Adidas, Onitsuka Tiger, Birkenstocks, Seychelles, etc.

YRU Jem boots, $56; Irregular Choice Dreamkiss heels, $129

PoeticLicence: Was Tilted Sole a little bit TOO bonkers? Irregular Choice’s more low-key sister company Poetic License is one of my favorite brands for “interesting and unusual, but not unwearably bizarre” (and they’re quite well made, particularly for the appx $100-200 price point).

Get Ready flats, $81; Feminine Encounters heels, $98

ZooShoo: Yeah so they’re pretty much all “manmade materials” and they’re possibly foot-eating hell monsters, but if you need something to go with a particular one-time-wear ensemble (wedding? costume party?) it’s a good option to have bookmarked. And I mean, who DOESN’T need pink glitter espadrille flats with bunny ears?


Thumpy espadrilles, $49; Jaunty embroidered sneakers, $67
Got a fave online destination for Extremely Compelling Footwear? Share with the group, please! <3