OOTRT : June 8

Welcome to Thursday and our weekly Outfit of the Recent Timeframe!

Do you worry that you’d need to be a professional fashion blogger to submit a picture for OOTRT? Well, today’s post probably won’t alleviate that fear, because we have a very Chic and Serious submission this week.
I present the elusive style icon Peregrine “Pip” Finch, in all her dignity and glory:
Pip pairs a lavender avant-garde couture chapeau (House of PetCo) with an elegant white fur coat. Pip completes the outfit with bitty pink toe pads and a murderous expression.
I know it’s impossible to ever top this outfit, and y’all should probably just give up, but if you wore something fun/cute/pretty/elegant/ridiculous/chic this week, or you just felt happy with how you looked, share it in the comments! Or better yet, email it to us and we’ll feature you next time. :)
[Ed. : I told you it was a day of randomness, futurism, inappropriate fashion, and posting utter nonsense online. What could be a more apropos way to celebrate the birthday of Tim Berners-Lee than cat pics on the internet?]