OOTRT : June 15

It’s Thursday, which means two things : This accursed week is almost over, AND it’s time for another Outfit Of The Recent Timeframe! This week, Dana delights us with YET ANOTHER award-worthy ensemble :


“I’m quickly becoming that person who only wears dresses, but you know what? In summer you can get a lot more bang for your buck outfit-wise with one piece, so I’m ok with embracing the favorite section of my wardrobe.

I bought this particular dress for too much money from H&M a couple years ago, but the color/fit combined with the fact that it’s clearly inspired by the even more expensive Self-Portrait lace dresses, made it a worthwhile purchase to me (similar dress from Anthropologie). The sandals are the best ones to have ever graced my feet, and are still available from Seychelles. Sunglasses are Kate Spade, and the earrings which you can’t see – but are awesome – are from World Market of all places.

The purse is a bit harder to link to, because while it’s also from Anthropologie, it’s at least 3 years old. Luckily the wicker purse look is definitely in, and there are quite a few other cute ones available out there at a variety of reasonable price points: Under $40 – one, two, three; Under $80 – one, two. Oh, and never underestimate your local thrift shop, since I found an incomplete tea set in a beautiful wicker purse for $5.”

I’m tempted to shout “HASHTAG GOALS” here, but instead I’ll just ask you to share your own recent faves! Share an outfit! Or a recent purchase! Or a forgotten buried treasure you just dug out of the back of your closet!