LOTRT : June 5

WELCOME BACK. Today we have an object lesson in two concepts : 1) a good way to wear a Strong Color if you’re intimidated by strong colors is to confine it to one area and surround it with a bulwark of neutrals and, 2) shitty eyeshadows are still shitty eyeshadows even if you find a primer that makes them more or less “usable.” LET’S GET THIS DONE.


On lids, over that very surprisingly good e.l.f. Shadow Primer, is NARS eyeshadow single in Tropic ($16.99 at Amazon, but don’t do it), which is dry AF and has zero interest [sans primer] in building up to pan color, but loves to dump little crumbs and dustings of fallout all over your face, which then turn to streaks when you try to brush them off, and then to smears when you try to remove them with a damp Q-tip, because this shit is basically a solid slab of FD&C Blue #1 Lake. Clean up your mess and move on.

In crease and blended upwards, a dark shimmery mushroom-taupe color you can get a nice clean gradient with. This is that extremely wet Fiona Stiles Radiant Aqua Eye Veil cream shadow stuff in “Galaxy Way.” And holy crap you guys, it’s 75% off and $5.50 at Ulta now, and this one I *do* recommend. The screw-cap-plus-inner-plug setup is mildly cumbersome, but a little goes a lonnnng way and the staying power is A+.

Liner is the crappy NARS Stylo thing which I like using for these looks because it’s so easy, but it doesn’t wear well and there’re way better options, so don’t buy this. But DO use your black liner of choice to do upper waterline, between lashes, and then a long clean narrow line from inner corner across lid and out to a skinny straight flick.

MASCARA. This is Buxom’s, which I purchased after seeing rave reviews on so many sites, and I fucking hate it. It’s lame as hell, isn’t super black, barely adds any volume (this is three coats), and smudges like a mofo on me. But, I like to occasionally use my other (dozen plus) mascaras, partly because I feel sorry for them, and partly to renew my appreciation for Dinoplatz ($18.98 on Amazon, around $16 on eBay if you’re willing to wait 10-14 days for shipping from SK).

FINALLY, under lower lashline, smudge ‘n’ diffuse a matte taupe that’s more or less in the same color family as your crease shade. This is my usual Givenchy Ombre Couture cream shadow in Taupe Velours ($26 at Sephora). Keeping the lower lid matte adds some definition but doesn’t fight for focus with your strong matte lid and your shimmer crease. I also did a sheerish pass of black pencil on my lower waterline just so it wouldn’t stand out so much. And fin! Tah-dah. I actually quite like this, or would if I used a less-annoying shadow for the teal lid.

WHAT’S YOUR TAKE? Brights plus neutrals, or brights alone? You know the drill…