LOTRT: June 26

Why is it that every time I start a makeup look for this column it ends up looking like I’m auditioning for a walk-on part in Barbarella? Whatever. This got a little more avant-garde than I initially intended, but let’s just go with it.


All over lid and up into crease, open up your Inglot AMC Gel Liner in 82 (violet, $16 at Beautylish but I don’t recommend it) WHICH you discover has turned into a little puck of purple glue just like the white version did, wtaf. Wonder how a previously fine product which you’ve used literally TWICE has gone all hard and sticky despite being subjected to basically nothing, growl about it for a minute, then use your finger to pat it all over your lid and into the crease.

Realize this is a Gross Mess, and cover over it with a matching violet satin-finish shadow, which, at least it clings really fuckin’ well now. (This is one side of an old YSL eyeshadow duo which is no longer available, but it was the only one I had that I figured would work to cover that nasty Inglot goo. You probably have a MUCH better purple already.)

Then in crease and fading upward, a very fine glittery silver grey. This is the OG Urban Decay Stardust thing in Moon Spoon, which I still love (I have the newer version of it too — $21 at Ulta — and they’re both fab.) Blend smoothly up toward browbone and down into the purple.

Decide the upper edge of your silver grey is too hard, so go back over that area with a blending brush with a little powder foundation on it to tone it down, then concede defeat. I used my long-beloved Chantecaille Compact Powder Foundation in Cashew ($70 at Amazon) but any well-pigmented pressed powder stuff that matches your skin tone will do.

LINER! No upper line, just a wing that covers the outer third of lid and extends basically straight out. In doing the outline and preparing to fill it in, I ended up with an open blank bar and decided this was kinda fun, so did the same thing on the other eye and wonder of wonders actually got them to more or less match. (This that NARS liner stylo pen thing again, which I love using for LOTRT but never use when I’m actually going out because it doesn’t wear well for me. You don’t want this, there’re better ones for less.)

Then do whatever mascara you feel like, and clean up the little flecks you got under your eyes. Then pull a bright cool-toned silver metallic shadow — this is Urban Decay in either “Strip” or “S&M” but you’ve probably got a dupe — and do a scuffy lower lid fill, extending out under your wing.

And you’re done!

Your turn! Share your favorite recent look! Or just talk about something completely different! We’re not that picky.