LOTRT : June 19

HAPPY MONDAY, LET’S GET SPACEY. (Again.) This week’s Look of the Recent Timeframe is inspired by … uh, the fact that I like sparkles?


All over lid and through and beyond crease, a sheer sparkly light blue-lavender — this one’s my own concoction, sorryyyy.

When you’re finished with that, go to dust away the fallout with a small blending brush, which you forgot you didn’t wash after using to apply highlighter and so cover your whole undereye area with blue pearlescence, say “oh what the hell” and just roll with it and add more of the same highlighter (Looxi’s “Luna,” $7.50 and up) on cheekbones.

AND THEN, skinny black liner in a swoopy wing. Do whatever shape suits your eyes best for a full-line with more weight on the bottom. I basically started by filling in the outer corner of my lower lid to achieve kind of a straight line along the lower edge, and then pulled it up into a slightly curving wing — and THEN drawing on the narrow upper line and joining it up with that lower wing.

Mascara is Dinoplatz ($18.98 on Amazon), but my *old* tube (I can’t throw them away, they’re too cute) which I wanted to see if it still accomplished much (it did!).

After that’s dry and you clean up the inevitable flicks and smears, go beneath your lower lid line with the same or a similar sheer shimmer. This one is My Pretty Zombie loose powder shadow in Monstrous Industry ($5 at MyPrettyZombie), carried all the way across lower lid and under the liner flick. And you’re done!

Tho since this look actually involved a full face (omg), I should tell you that the blush is NARS’ “Mata Hari” ($30 at Sephora) and the lipstick is ChiChi’s Viva La Diva in “Sex Bomb” (currently $14.41 at ChiChi).

Also, let’s all take a moment to lament the fact that my phone’s comparatively shitty low-res selfie-cam takes so much more flattering photos than the regular camera does. Who needs an app to retouch wrinkles and huge pores and zit scars and little dry flakes and weird lumps and hideous shiny spots when you can just turn your phone around? :(

Meanwhile, regular camera be like “oh did you push the button to take a pic? repeatedly? I got distracted. Here, have this horrible scary out-of-focus shot where you look strangely sweaty and blobby and also furious.”

YOUR TURN. Share a look! Or a swatch! Or just talk about one! <3