LOTRT : June 12

OI, MONDAY — time for A LOOK. This week’s Look Of The Recent Timeframe includes a number of my favorite things : multiple shades of gray (don’t), metallic silver, and dramaaaaaa.


On lids, this is the second attempt at a super bright highly metallic and opaque silver. My first attempt was the NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil scribbled onto lids and patted to blend/smooth a bit, and topped with that extremely extremely sparkly Revlon ColorStay cream shadow in Earl Grey. The first thing that drives me nuts about this is “omg stop fucking using that as a name for gray shades, because it is TEA and tea is NOT GRAY (much less bright metallic foily silver).” The second thing that drives me nuts is that it made a smeary patchy mess over the Milk pencil. What was a smooth white turned into a speckled and crackly-looking disaster, like the silver was partially dissolving the white. YUCK. Wipe that shit off with a q-tip and start over.

ON LIDS, NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil ($6.64 at Amazon) scribbled onto lids and patted to blend/smooth a bit, and topped with Nars Eye Paint in Interstellar ($10.70 plus $1.99 shipping at Amazon, usual MSRP $25). SO MUCH BETTER. Interstellar is normally quite densely silver on its own and can be built up to pretty opaque, but over the white it turns extra-spacey and I love it.

In crease and above, blend out a soft matte lightish gray shadow as your base/transition. This is (yes, again) D&G Perfect Mono cream shadow in Elegance ($38 at SFA).

In crease, and just wide enough that a bit of it shows when your eyes are open, a deeper matte (or semi-matte) grey. Blend the top of it out A LITTLE, but don’t fully smooth the color out into your lighter grey. This is Givenchy Ombre Couture cream shadow in 07 Gris Organza (apparently a discontinued color? It’s $21.50 on Strawberrynet) which is like 99% matte with a verrrrry sparse sprinkling of tiny sparks. Pull it out into a long wing that’s significantly higher than your crease or usual Wing Area.

At bottom of crease, just above your solid silver lid, do a long floating wing sorta deal with a fairly sharp lower edge. I used NARS Eye Paint in Transvaal (it’s only $9.40 on Amazon, holy crap), which is very slightly darker grey than the Givenchy. It’s also a much wetter and softer formula (the Givenchy is dryer and stiffer and behaves more like a pressed powder shadow for application and blending purposes) so it’s easy to “paint” with.

Liner time! This is just a very narrow line and small flick of the NARS black stylo liner pen thing.

Mascara is my one true love : Dinoplatz Escalator ($18.98 at Amazon)

After mascara, carefully clean up your smudges and specks, and then do a soft lower lid fill with your light grey, and pull it out to a straight underwing, stronger at the upper edge and more diffused at the bottom. And you’re done! Retro spacey eyes!

BRB, need to go conquer a planet.

Your turn! Show us your fave recent look! Or talk about this one. Or don’t! It’s Monday!