Friday Open Thread

Good afternoon and welcome to the Open Thread! I learned a lot this week — that a $2 eyeshadow primer can be fabulous, that a particular 25-cent mask can work as wound care in a pinch, and that I am desperate for colored mascara so I can be as futuristic-cool as Collier.

I’ve also learned a few other things — that I definitely should not interact with the press for any significant length of time because I’m a thoroughly chatty person; that wearing 4-1/2″ heels for eleven straight hours is a Bad Decision; that sometimes clients are in your office when you don’t realize it so you’re applying your mascara at your desk like any normal person with terrible morning time management skills and then you feel awkward.

Lots of learning. Huzzah for learning! Have you learned anything fun this week?

Alternately, have you tried or purchased anything new? Found a good new show or book? Do you have any fun gossip? Anything you’d like to vent? Anything you want to brag about?

I discovered Reddit Pan Porn (OH MY GOSH YES) (it’s … not what it sounds like) and all I’ve wanted to do this week is look at other people’s heavily-used makeup. My younger sister, who owns maybe three eyeshadow palettes and has hit pan on many of them, does not understand this obsession. Do you? Do you understand me? Does anyone understand me? Have you ever hit pan on anything?

[Ed. : We’ll leave you with this White Ninja comic, which pretty much epitomizes both my hobbies and my beauty aesthetic :]