YEAH WOO FRIDAY. Party time! Except I’m gonna be working on stuff all weekend! But I’ll probably find some time to screw around, and possibly replicate Mads Mikkelsen’s incredible otherworldly eye makeup from Doctor Strange, which I finally got around to watching. (Verdict : pretty good! Neat fx, ample eye candy in the form of Mikkelsen and Ejiofor, TILDAAAAA, amusing hijinks with sentient cape, enjoyed listening for Cumbermuffin to screw up the American accent, actually LOLed at the Chuck Mangione reference.) I mean, check this shit :

SO PRETTY. Even with “evil creep” makeup.

In closeup pics, you can tell it’s got that split-and-cracked effect, like the water zombies (or whatever) in that Doctor Who episode “The Waters of Mars,” but I’d skip the textural aspect I think, because ick.

IN OTHER NEWS, I succumbed to the temptation to buy one of those sample box things. BUT WAIT, I HAD REASONS.

Okay so months and months ago, I tried out two of them for a couple rounds — I think Ipsy and … uhh. I can’t recall the other one. Anyway, I wasn’t super impressed (obviously), didn’t receive anything that was particularly great or interesting or new to me, and so promptly unsubscribed. I  mean, I’d rather have one thirty-dollar lipstick I adore than thirty sample packets of skin stuff I can’t use and hair stuff whose scent I hate and another flock of miniature black liner pencils, you know?

BUT THEN, I saw that Amazon had an offering in that genre! And predictably, most of the stuff that they’re showing as being included in this edition is stuff I know I won’t use :

Crest? Come on. TheraBreath? What, no. Proactiv? GTFO. Fekkai? I’ve tried both of those things, and they’re fine but eh. However! I *am* interested in the Simple and Acure facial-cleansing wipes, as well as the Neutrogena HydraBoost cleansing gel (which has gentler surfactants / no SLS or SLeS and actually gets a good rating on Paula’sChoice Beautypedia, for what that’s worth). But the real selling point for me was while the box’s cost is $11.99, you also get an $11.99 Amazon credit on select products from these brands — and there’re A BUNCH of Acure things I’d be happy to try (fancy yet inexpensive cleansers! shampoos with no sulfates, conditioners with no silicones!). So that seemed like a pretty reasonable deal, right? Anyway, it’s supposed to arrive in one to two weeks, so naturally I’ll report back on anything noteworthy (or hilariously awful) (looking at you, TheraBreath).

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Subscription box fan or nah? Doctor Strange fan or nah? Opinions! We want them!