WOOO, another week gone. And this now makes (I think?) four weeks that I’ve been using Differin! Which…it’s been a rather bumpy four weeks, and I’m gonna give it at least another 2 wks or so before I make a decision (and report back here). In that time, I’ve tried to be pretty consistent with the rest of my skincare routine, and not experiment or do random masks or scrubs or peels or anything, in order to give the current ~system~ a fair trial.

And man, the whole “system” thing is where skincare can really fall apart. How do you enjoy trying new things if you know they might throw off everything else? How do you NOT try new things, when there are SO MANY and they have such GLOWING REVIEWS? So let’s talk about it! Specifically :

What’s your current routine, morning and night? 

How much do you allow yourself to deviate from your routine?

What do you feel like you have to consider before you introduce something new?

To start us off, here’s mine, which you’ve heard about like ninety times already :

MORNING : Usually Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser (super mild, super gentle and calming indeed, useless against makeup but great for mornings), The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc (oil control, some anti-inflammatory action), Skinoren 20% Azelaic Acid cream (since Differin doesn’t attack acne bacteria, and Skinoren works well under makeup). If I’m actually putting on a face of slap and leaving the house, I’ll also usually use May Coop Raw Sauce for extra moisture, and Malin + Goetz’s broad-spectrum sunscreen moisturizer.

NIGHT : Thank You Farmer Back to Pure gel cleanser (oh man I love this so much), The Ordinary 23% Vit C Suspension, and Differin.

OTHER : The occasional exfoliant (I’m trying out a bunch, for science! And blogging!), but that’s been pretty much it.

Your turn! Share your routine! What’re you trying to address/accomplish, which products are your long-term faves, and which ones are you still searching for that HG version of?