Friday Open Thread!

WOW WHAT A WEEK. It’s been either humid AF or pouring rain, which makes me super tired, AND it’s been Shark Week which also makes me super tired, and yet SO MUCH TO DO. And then of course I assign myself other arguably dumb and timewaste-y thing to do, because I get a dopey idea and feel an overwhelming need to actually execute it. Like how commenter peut-etre pas noted the inherent formality of the Chalice of Gore, which made me think “regal” and “it needs a crown” and so …

I spent a lot of time on that. (I spent way too much time on that.) Let’s have a closeup.

Pls note ermine trim (Sharpie dots on velveteen paper), and the little star cartouches (is that a cartouche or an escutcheon?) framing the turquoise Swarovski crystals.

(The pearls are plastic.) (Hey, all these monarchical accoutrements are expensive — you’ve gotta cut corners somewhere.)

IN OTHER NEWS, I also acquired Amazon’s Beauty Box thing! Which is … well, you’ll find out next week. :D

THIS WEEKEND, I’m going to attempt some interesting makeup, vacuum and steam mop my disgusssssting floors, and possibly go have a beer. TONIGHT, I’m gonna order pizza because screw it, and try to find a show or movie to watch that I’m actually in the mood for and haven’t already seen five times (recommendations welcome!).

ET VOUS? Any news? Any plans? Any excitement, new goals, kvetching to share? Discuss!