BIG DRAMA : Blue & Violet Highlighters

How many highlighters does one person need? How many can you reasonably acquire before you start having a whole lot of nearly-identical products? My answer : thirteen [so far]. My last ColourPop order — yeah, the one where I was kinda drunk — included one of their newest Super Shock Highlighters : Over The Moon, which they describe as “sheer opalescent pearl with hot pink and violet glitters.” MAN THEY ARE NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE GLITTER. The amount and type of sparkle is significantly different from the majority of their other highlighters — Over The Moon, along with predominantly-blue Honeymoon and green-based Perilune, all seem to have roughly the same unusually-glittery finish. SO, if you were considering one of these, here’s a standard of comparison : CP versus three other blue/violet highlighters in my stash.

And yes they’re very different and I need ALL OF THEM. And probably additional ones.

From left : ColourPop “Over the Moon,” Looxi “Luna,” Looxi “Ever After,” Anna Sui “Mystic Rose.”

ColourPop “Over The Moon” : Pink-leaning violet from most angles, very obvious, EXTREMELY sparkly. $8 at, currently out of stock but I’m assuming they’ll bring it back? Its two sister shades are still available, so I’m hopeful!

Looxi Beauty “Luna” : Strongly blue with a hint of violet. Very intense, but more of a traditional shimmer finish, not glittery. Wears a LONG time, and doesn’t emphasize pores. $6.50 (small pan only) to $16.50 (large pan in compact) at

Looxi Beauty “Ever After” : Yellowy-peach base with a violet sheen. Finish is pretty much the same as “Luna” — shimmery, not glittery — but it’s definitely less intense in both sparkle and color. $6.50 (small pan only) to $16.50 (large pan in compact) at

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color 100 “Mystic Rose” : This range is actually supposed to be a blush, but it’s extremely pale, and has a satin-pearl finish with the white central rose containing a lot of actual sparkle/shimmer. I use it as a highlighter (or to cool down a too-warm blush tone) and it’s super effective though relatively subtle. This shade is no longer on Beautylish or BeautyBay, but it is currently on eBay from Hong Kong for $28.90.

Here’re swatches in the same order on black and white paper so you can see the relative levels of sparkles and pigmentation :

Over the Moon and Luna are near-invisible on white (unless you tilt the paper back and forth to get the shimmer going), but Ever After has a strong yellow-peach base, and the Anna Sui is a solid pale lavender.

BONUS : Video swatch!

Yes, the order of the colors is flipped, SORRY. But you can at least get an idea of how much shimmer/sheen/color they have, right? Yay!

Okay so FESS UP. How many blue-ish / purple-ish highlighters are in your stash? Got any of these? Share!