This Time It’s Only a Semi-Failure

IT’S FRIDAY and this week has been CRAZY so let’s look at the latest in [my] crazy-colored manes, yes? Yes!

I keep coloring my hair and missing my intended mark, I keep letting it fade, I keep trying again. Yesterday was bleach’n’dye #10,000,000 (not really but it feels like) and once again, I have not achieved “steel with maybe a hint of blue.” JOURNEY WITH ME.

That’s the Mane of Terror, pre-bleaching. It’s not horrible so long as it’s Carefully Arranged, but when what’s underneath is exposed, WHOA. Black roots plus much banding from previous bleach’n’dye jobs, with striations of purple and a really unpleasant kind of dirty teal. Bleh. Normally when I do my roots, I try to keep the bleach on just the first inch of hair to minimize cumulative damage. This time, I pulled it down a couple of inches, to try to remove some of that weird plummy color.

Post-bleaching. Success! I got most of the stripeyness out! (This shit is hard as hell to photograph accurately — the yellow here is pretty close, but the length I’m holding out on the right is actually more blue than purple.)

Usually I do a mix of silver plus blue and/or violet, depending on mood and on what I’ve got on hand. THIS TIME, I was trying to significantly desaturate my overall color, so I used an ENTIRE TUBE of One N Only Perfect Intensity “Chrome” with literally like a tablespoon — maybe — of their Midnight Blue, and one small blop (possibly a teaspoon) of Neon Purple. I also mixed up another smaller container that had a slightly higher concentration of blue and purple — I brushed that into the yellow root area to give it more “toning” action, and covered the entire strands with the mostly-silver mix.

THE RESULT? Wow that blue is apparently REALLY EFFING STRONG. :\

Not precisely what I was aiming for, but not bad, I guess. The result is a kind of faded navy / dirty blueberry? This picture is awful, tho — I’ll try to get a better one later this afternoon/evening and will update if I manage to get something anywhere near accurate.

Any hair overhauls or updates for you lately? Share ’em!