Scary Magenta Lip Things You Shouldn’t Fear

“Too purple! So scary! I could never wear that!” OH YES YOU CAN. ​Here for your boundary-pushing pleasure are half a dozen of my fave magenta/purpley lip things that look intimidating as hell in the tube BUUUUUT are actually quite wearable! And that’s coming from someone who previously was like “aw hell naw man that is a bad idea on this face.” How wrong I was :

Yeah I know that’s only five. The sixth one is a long skinny tube and it was throwing off my composition.
Fine, here’s the sixth.

Fun! Drama! But not as much drama as you might expect! Let’s look at swatches.

Lancôme Rouge in Love 381 Violette Coquette ($26 at Lancôme) : This has a thin and weightless formula that’s super emollient and slippy. Feels fabulous, but not my fave for long wear. This transfers a lot, so be prepared to do frequent touch-ups. OTOH, I love that petite little metal case.

Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Stella! ($33.58 on Amazon, and whoa these are usually $50!) : These have a slightly thicker and grabbier feel, but not sticky. “Stella!” is basically a purpley magenta with violet-blue pearl which cools down the overall apparent color. I feel like the formula on this should be thicker/denser/drier to allow for better and smoother distribution of the shimmer, which can go a little wonky sometimes. Still tho, LOVE IT. The case is probably my favorite ever (sleek and shiny! so heavy and substantial feeling! snappy magnetic close!) and I don’t even mind the crisp minty scent.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Eggplant ($26 at Sephora) : In all the pics I see of this shade, it looks WAY more purple than it is IRL. It’s more of a “skin of a red plum” shade than a true eggplant, but either way it’s gorgeous. Clingy grippy formula, bright pink lemonade scent, lonnnnnng wear for a non-matte color.

Illamasqua Lava Lips in Activist ($26 at Net-A-Porter) : Yeah, I bought it because it’s all marbled. The bullet is a swirly blend of hot pink, plummy purple, and a dash of mid blue, but on the lips they more or less blend into a retina-burning magenta. Fairly matte formula, but super comfortable and not overly drying, low-key floralish scent. Points off for a kind of thin brittle (and fingerprint-magnet) plastic case.

Chi Chi Viva La Diva Matte in Husband Shopping  ($18.95 US at ChiChi) : If you’re AT ALL into demi-matte lipsticks, you’ve gotta try one of these sometime. Not a full-on matte, but way grabbier than the average cream, not as prone to smear or transfer, and the wear is CRAZY good. Light rosewater scent (swank!), dopey tho fun case with a foiled wallpaper print, a very reasonable price point (and they do free US shipping for orders over $100!). The downside : literally the stupidest most horrible collection of color names I’ve ever seen. Boy Magnet? Social Climber? Bimbo? Hollywood Housewife? GTFOH with that shit.

Armani Ecstasy Lacquer in 602 Vertigo ($38 at Sephora) : Very much like the YSL Glossy Stains. The tube color on this one looks SCARY dark purple, but IRL it’s a super wearable red plum and I just love it. Like the glossy stains, these are really easy to reapply after rubbing off a bit of the remaining product, and they wear super, super well over a few hours (until you eat).

Got any of these? Need any of these? Have a favorite Gateway Purple For Scaredy Cats like me? Share!