Revlon ColorStay Cream Eyeshadow

Yeah, I know, it’s like the OMG CREAM EYESHADOW channel around here. But, they say to write what you know — which means it’s either cream eyeshadow, nail polish, gluing assorted sparkly things to non-sparkly garments, or sci-fi, so. HERE WE GO AGAIN.

Anyway, yeah. During my last binge, I tossed a couple of these in my basket just for kicks. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t bought a lot of “drugstore brand” makeup in recent years. Too many disappointments in application, wear, pigmentation, packaging quality … after a while you just get really annoyed and would rather throw down twenty bucks on one GREAT product than on three products that consistently frustrate you. The last few times I’ve succumbed have been a mixed bag — Maybelline Color Tattoos were unimpressive, their “Loaded Bold” lipsticks were disssssssgusting, e.l.f.’s Smudge Pots are actually really great! And, surprise, these Revlon shadows aren’t bad either!

HOW ARE THEY? These come packaged in a sturdy glass jar with a black plastic lid; pretty standard-issue, but the “gimmick” is that they’ve got a little applicator brush nestled into the edge of the lid. It’s not a terrible brush for the product — it’s tapered and pointed, picks up the product reasonably well, and spreads it reasonably well. The shape and texture of the brush do make it a bit tricky to blend out a darker color smoothly, though, and the handle’s appx half-inch length is super hard to work with. Also, after I used and very carefully (I thought) replaced the brush in one of these, I pulled it out again today and a chunk of the bottom bristles were bent back. ANNOYANCE. I used my fave small poofy NYX shadow brush with much better results, and also without having to worry about bent bristles, or washing the thing and letting it fester in its plastic housing rather than air-drying. I’d say ignore the built-in brush unless you’re using these as Emergency Purse/Desk Makeup with a very minimal kit.

WHAT’S IT LIKE? The consistency of the product itself is quite solid and dense, but very emollient and thin-feeling. When rubbed with a finger, they feel like a slippier version of MUFE Aqua Creams or Maybelline Color Tattoos. Pigmentation, however, was not on par with MUFE. It’ll take at least two coats of these to build them up to true-to-pan color. Charcoal metallic “Licorice” took a couple of coats to build up to real opacity, but it was pretty easy to blend out. Silver metallic “Earl Grey” did not want to build up — even after 2-3 passes, I could still see some of my mobile lid’s redness (thanks, Bimatoprost!) (worth it tho) peeking through. Also, “Licorice” is very shimmery indeed, but “Earl Grey” is a veritable EXPLOSION of spanglocity. Like, suddenly my entire eye area is covered with tiny lil’ sparkles. You can see in the swatch pics (and especially in the video) how that ENTIRE ARM AREA is shimmery, and no, I did not rub all over it. I suspect that the glitter bits are actually chromed nanites programmed to hurl themselves in all directions as soon as they hit skin. :|

Each Revlon shadow with two coats (top swatch) and one coat (bottom swatch). Compared to one coat of my closest matches : MUFE in Anthracite and NARS in Interstellar, both of which are WAY more opaque.


HOW’S THE WEAR? It’s actually fine! I applied to clean bare skin, no primer. I quickly got some very minor creasing in my outer corners, but it didn’t really get worse over the next 6-8 hours. Not much fading or patchiness or migration, so pretty good on all counts there. Do note that this stuff doesn’t seem to dry down and “set” as strongly as many other cream shadows do — if you rub your eyelid, you’re gonna be rubbing some of this off. On the other hand, it doesn’t irritate my stupid sensitive eyes/eye skin, so that alone makes these a worthy purchase. If you have a grabby eye primer you like, you could probably improve the behavior and opacity of these a bit.

Earl Grey all over, and then Licorice blended into crease area. Well, half-assed blended. Pls note how HUGELY SPARKLY AND SHINY Earl Grey is, even when blended out — if you’re into wet-look “eye gloss” stuff, this is definitely for you.

VERDICT : Pretty good! I’ll definitely wear Liquorice; Earl Grey is, I think, best kind of patted over something else as a sheer sparkly (so effing sparkly) top coat … and possibly in a very limited area, since it tends to migrate. I’ll keep an eye out for additional color releases — most of the rest of the current crop are shades I wouldn’t wear or already have. I’d love to try a matte to see how the performance compares (mattes are often more difficult to formulate well, apparently) but the only mattes at the moment are brown and … darker brown. Nah.

WHERE TO GET ‘EM : Geez, like everywhere. Mine came from Target, as noted, but you should find a selection of them (there are 12 shades currently) at Ulta or most drugstores. However, Amazon has all twelve at prices ranging from $4.79 to $6.99, instead of their usual $7.99 retail. Woo!

Tried any of these? Love them or hate them? Spout off about it in the comments!