LOTRT : May 30

HEY so yesterday was a holiday, which means this week you get a special Tuesday LOTRT. And it’s extra special because I glued a thing to my face for it. It’s double-extra special because it’s vaguely reminiscent of something I adore to an irrational degree :

CIRCUIT BOARDS, omg, they’re like little cityscapes and I love them so much. (Yeah, I’m also a big TRON fan. Come at me.)

Aaaaanyway, this look started out with “what eye shadow haven’t I worn in a super long time” and then just sorta took on a life of its own (much like … oh, I don’t know … TRON?). CHECK IT :


* A strip of shimmery white above crease but not all the way to the browbone. This is my “transition color,” which, really white was probably a bad idea but it ended up working out pretty okay. Mine is an ancient Tarte eyeshadow single in Valley of the Dolls, but you’ve probably got like three kinda like this.

* Then, all over upper lid and through crease and blended (very very well blended) into the white, a blackened green metallic/shimmer. This is My Pretty Zombie’s loose powder shadow in “New Age Dolls” and it’s SMASHING. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be available right now, but colorwise it’s pretty close to ColourPop’s Super Shock Shadow in “Shameless” (say that ten times fast) ($5 at ColourPop). The CP is more “glittery” rather than “metallic,” tho.

Look how crazy shiny the MPZ is under flash! I get bonus Techno Points for the headphones, right?

* Liner is a simple narrow strip of matte black, plus an extra branched off mini wing. I used my extremely annoying NARS felt-tipped liner which is not good and I’m gonna make it a mission to find a pen-style liner that doesn’t irritate my dumb whiny eye-skin and also isn’t shitty.

* At the end of the primary / lower wing, make a dot. A small dot, as neat as you can make it. It should be large enough, however, to provide a nice fat border around …

* The piece of .062″ green glitter I stuck on my face. :D You could also use a small rhinestone, or even just a dot of super metallic eyeshadow, but tbh it’s easier to get a precise look by just gluing something on there with glitter primer.

* Mascara! To continue the theme of “slightly off / wtf,” I used MUFE Smoky Lash (original formula, $23 at Sephora) in color 04, which is a deep pine green. I don’t love this formula (good but not great volume and length, but it smudges a good bit on me) and the color looks sort of Wrong with a lot of makeup pairings, but I’m rather digging it here.

AND YOU’RE DONE. Go forth and speak in binary and wave a laser pointer around or something.

Gluing things to your face : good idea or no? Discuss!