LOTRT : May 22

Mondaaaaay, Look of the Recent Timeframe open thread YEAH. This week, I got a semi-extreme idea and ran with it because why not? And to my great and powerful surprise, it wasn’t actually all that difficult to execute reasonably well!


Do your foundation and concealer and suchlike, and do it on your eyelid / crease / browbone too if you normally don’t, because  you want a nice bare-yet-smooth area to work on. OR, I mean if you use an eye primer that matches your skintone and evens everything out, that works too.

For extra tone-evening, I also went over that whole upper lid – to – brow area with NARS Eye Paint in Porto Venere ($26 at Nordstrom), a light matte peachy color that more or less matches my skin.

THEN, LINER. SO MUCH LINER. In stripes! I used Nars Eye Paint in gold metallic Iskandar (which is currently $8.30 on Amazon instead of $25, omg, if you don’t already have it GET IT), but you can use anything that’s :

1) contrasty with your skintone but not so contrasty that it amplifies any mistakes or imperfections in your line, and

2) pretty opaque in one pass, because the more passes you have to make to build up the color, the greater the likelihood that you’re going to screw up the lines, and

3) probably a metallic because it’s ~fancy~ and also because the shimmer/shine sort of diffuses the lines a little bit which can help hide the fact that their edges aren’t 100% perfectly crisp, which mine are definitely not.

A metallic powder shadow on a moistened brush might also work well! Just make sure whatever you use will SET and not transfer or smear a lot.

PLACEMENT : Up to you! But I left a bit of a gap at my lashline so I’d show some bare lid there even after I applied my regular black liner. I basically just followed the curve of my eyelid plus the usual kind of upturned wing, and then repeated that line at intervals a few times. You’ll have to judge the spacing and placement based on how much area you’ve got from lashes to brow, how high you want the lines to go, and how/where you want them to be visible when your eyes are open vs closed.

THEN, BLACK LINER. This is my usual ColourPop Creme Gel in Swerve matte black ($6 at ColourPop).

THEN, MASCARA. I used Guerlain Maxi Lash in the original gold-tubed formula ($32 at Sephora) over a coat of Lancome Cils Booster ($25.50 at Sephora). This is one of those mascaras that definitely does better as one coat over the primer, rather than doing two coats of just mascara.

FINALLY, LOWER LID : I scuffed on some matte taupe and pulled it out into a slight underwing for a little more definition, leaving a bit of a gap beneath my black-liner wing. This is Givenchy Ombre Couture cream shadow (of course) in Taupe Velours ($26 at Sephora).

And you’re done! WHOA, ARTSY DRAMA. So artsy I had to put the white wig on, yeaaahhhh.

Like it? Hate it? Maybe gonna try it? TALK ABOUT IT.