LOTRT : May 1

HEY IT’S MONDAY = your weekly Look Of The Recent Timeframe open thread! Spring is bullshit, it’s rainy and gross here, let’s do some vampy black-and-blue eye makeup. It’s like angry thunderclouds for your face.


FILL lid to crease plus a low straight wing with a matte black with gold shimmer (or whatever). This is Lancôme Hypnose Dazzling cream shadow in Soiree Parisienne 303, $25 at Net-A-Porter. Make a REALLY SHARP UPPER EDGE right in your crease.

THEN, grab a cobalt blue cream liner, do upper waterline and between lashes, a narrowish line above lashes extending out to a straight wing, and then duplicate that line at the top of your black filled-in lid, outlining that whole area. This is Inglot AMC gel liner in 67, $16 at InglotUSA.

THEN, notice that your stupid cobalt liner is bleeding and smearing around the crease (wtf??), cuss a whole bunch, and get your black-gold out again and cover the stupid smeary blue line, and then oh what the hell just go ahead and blend the black-gold up into the crease and out above the wing. (Another good thing about that Lancôme — it’s CRAZY easy to blend out smoothly, esp for something so dark!)

Wow, this looks like a gross mess in this pic. In person you totally can’t see that line I screwed up. Or, that’s what I’m telling myself.

MASCARA. This is Benefit They’re Real in Beyond Blue, $24 at Ulta. SO BRIGHT. 

SMUDGE something bright blue and shimmery under your lower lash line, mostly in the center of lower lid and fading out a bit past corner of eye. This is My Pretty Zombie loose powder shadow in Illustrated Ink, $5 (!!) at MPZ.

LASTLY, my lower lids seemed kinda wonky with the blue underneath but otherwise bare, so I sketched on my waterline a little with a black pencil. This is Dior Longwear Waterproof eyeliner pencil ($30 at Sephora) which is fine tho imprecise (typical pencil, IOW) but it can go kinda sheer-ish on the waterline, which is what I wanted here rather than a super heavy opaque line.

YOU’RE DONE. Except for the rest of your face, I mean. I kept mine pretty low-key — no blush, just some blue highlighter (Looxi Beauty highlight in Luna) and the only brownish lipstick I own that doesn’t look completely effed up on my skintone and which I absolutely loooooove (Uslu Airlines lipstick in KIV / Kishinev, $25 at Amazon) and which on second thought was not the right choice for this palette. I look either startled or drugged to the eyebrows in this pic — SORRY, it’s the only one I took that was A) in focus, B) didn’t make me look like something lumpy that lives under a bridge, C) is somewhere in the realm of accuracy color-wise and D) sortakinda shows the blue highlighter. But not really. I swear it’s VERY BLUE irl.

Black and blue : valid choice, or only if you want to look freshly-punched? Reminder: this is an OPEN THREAD. Share your fave recent look! Or not! I am not the boss of you!