Introducing TRAIN RECS!

Oh look it’s a new feature! Back when Finch and I were first talking about what PrettySuperb should be and what it should cover, we both considered how much fun it is when a smart and engaged commentariat (like you guys!) can chime in to help someone find That One Perfect Product. So to that end, we hereby introduce TRAIN RECS, wherein we collectively field reader questions and provide recommendations. ALL ABOARD!

If Finch and I have a good possible solution (not completely out of the question, since we’ve both tried a lottttt of stuff) we’ll offer it; if we don’t, we’ll at least endeavor to provide some additional guidance in the search. But in either case, we want YOU to contribute! If you’ve got a favorite product that might fit the bill, share!

SO, today we’ve got our first-ever Reader Question! Gini asks : 

Dear Collier + Finch :  I have trouble finding an eye primer/brightener because a lot of products make my sensitive eye-adjacent skin burn, which is weird because the rest of my face isn’t sensitive? What should i buy?

Dear Gini : Collier feels your pain, quite literally. My face skin? Pretty chill, can handle almost anything I throw at it (except heavy oils and silicones). Eye skin? Flips out over one or more ingredients common to eye primers and many eyeshadows. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great answer for you … YET.

But! Since this issue is Extremely Relevant to my own interests (and the interests of many others cursed with sensitive eyes, too, I’d warrant), we’re gonna make this into a little project to try to determine the troublesome eye primer ingredients, and find some products that don’t contain them AND perform well: OPERATION SHADOW PRIMER.

This is gonna be a longer-term series, with tests and spreadsheets and ingredient comparisons and probably a Face Off battle. But in the meantime, share your favorite eye primers in the comments below — ESPECIALLY if you’ve got sensitive eyes too! AND ALSO : got a beauty-related question and want to get some product recommendations? Email us!