Hask Blue Chamomile Shampoo

So I’VE GOT A NEW FAVORITE. You know I’ve got the high-maintenance blue/purple hair, right? So anything that helps it stay ~fresh~ is a YES. I picked this up during a recent Target spree… they didn’t carry my usual John Masters Bare, but they did have quite a lot in the sulfate-free category, and tbh I thought the bottle was pretty. I knooow, I KNOW.

But! As it turns out, this is pretty good stuff! It’s WAY more bubbly/lathery than the John Masters (and more so than most of the other SLS/SLeS shampoos I’ve tried. Which, the others worked just fine too, but there’s that psychological thing where your brain thinks “scant lather = NOT CLEANING.”

Other plusses : non-cloying non-overwhelming light fresh floralish scent that I’m totally down with. Gorgeous pearly blue color that’s just a delight to use. Also, it was a ridiculously inexpensive $5.99 for 15oz  instead of my usual’s appx $14 for 8oz. BIG WIN, right?

Omg it’s soooo preeeetttttttty.

I’ve only used it three times so far, and while I think I can see a bit of toning/cooling on my plummy brassy roots, it’s not a huge effect. I’m hoping that will increase with further use, but even if it doesn’t : SLS free, pretty, smells nice, not expensive, YES PLS.

Ever tried this one? Big fan of blue shampoo? Got a sulfate-free fave? Shaaaare!