Friday Open Thread

It’s been a weird beauty week in Finchland. I have uncharacteristically worn overt glitter on my eyelids to work AND class. I have only been cleaning my face with makeup remover wipes. I have not worn lipstick because my lips are grumpy. I switched from peach to pink blush (Glossier still) for no discernible reason. I’ve been air drying my hair. I took the polish off my nails three days ago and haven’t repainted them. Not sure why the switches — new semester? Busy schedule? Boredom? — but it’s weird and I don’t feel like myself. (I’m very happy about the glitter eyelids, though.) It’s funny how specific beauty routines can be comforting!

How about you? Have you deviated from any routines lately? Alternately, what’s your go-to routine? Do you have one? Are you the fun sort of person who does something different every day? Do tell!

Also, feel free to chat about anything fun you’ve purchased or tried (though I have refrained from purchasing any new beauty products this week! Yay me!). Or if you’ve done something this week for which you feel you should be congratulated, share it here and we’ll congratulate you!

Ed. : I vacuumed AND steam-mopped most of the house today! WHERE IS MY GOLD STAR, PLS. Also, fresh nails! AND a fresh pedicure! Which makes me feel marginally better about so many other things being chaos and disaster.