Style Ish: OOTRT

Thursday means Outfit of the Recent Timeframe! This week, Finch has a look that a fashion exec would probably dub “spring transitional” but we’re going to call “YAY FLOWERS.” 


Sorry the lighting is bad and the dress is rumpled — I’d just finished a thirteen hour day! The lipstick is the real champ, though — applied at ten, touched up at three, and it survived three sloppy slices of pizza, tons of coffee, and twelve+ hours. Good job, Guerlain.


The shoes are brand new (Aldo clearance FTW), and not the shoes I actually wore that day — I was trying to break in a pair of flats, but they broke me instead. (Much blood happened.) By contrast, the pictured shoes are comfy as heck, which is why I refused to change back for the photo.


Dress: Marni (rented). The design is odd; the side seams are unsewn from waist down (secured with only three buttons that end at the hip! Yikes!) but I don’t think I flashed anyone at school or work. I hope not, anyway.



Your turn! Show us what you’re wearing! Or what you’ve worn! Or what you might wear at some point in the near future! Or just lurk, lurking is cool too.