Friday Open Thread

FRIDAAAAY. Open thread time! 

First, I’d just like to thank y’all for being here — Collier & I literally started this whole shebang because we missed the community we had on other beauty sites (RIP, Vain/MilliHelen). We’re kind of new at this (and striving to improve!), but it’s your insight, advice, and questions that ground the site and make it feel alive. Thanks. (And no pressure, heh.)

Comment time! You know what to do! And feel free to pipe up with comments that aren’t related to the topic(s) at all. Chat, praise, query, gripe — it’s all good!

COLLIER NEEDS TO INTERJECT : I was digging for something in one of my Random Image folders the other day, and found a couple of things I’ve had for aaaaages and which are ooooooooh. So! Let’s share our FAVORITE STYLE INSPO. Here’s mine :

I’m dubbing this look “Neolithic Burrito Chic” and I desperately want those pants. Maaaaybe not that amount of body hair, tho.

Also, a classic :

The Fur Boobs kind of freak me out a little bit (okay, a lot), but tbh I’d maybe wear those pants.

Gotten any fashion inspiration from Unlikely Sources lately? Or ever? Star Trek TOS = Style Goals, right?