LOTRT : April 24

WOO, MONDAY, Look of the Recent Timeframe open thread! This week’s face-paint party is SUPERDRAMA and also FLASHY. LET’S GO.


  • Fill in your mobile lid up to the crease, plus a small straight wing, with the fabulous bright teal metallic/sparkle of your choice. Indie ahoy, I used Morgana Cryptoria’s “Broomstick,” which I guess is currently unavailable, as their website says they’re down for a revamp, damn.
  • In your high-above-crease-but-not-to-browbone area, a mid/light grey. Shimmer or no, up to you, but I prefer to keep it kinda matte/pearly. I used an old Givenchy (Le Prisme Mono in 03 Hip Grey), but I’m sure you’ve got something that’ll work. This is your lighter “transition color” to blend the next (much darker) shadow into.
  • Just above the crease, extended out into a long wing, and blending out up toward brow bone : a deep matte cool grey. This is NARS eyeshadow single in Thunderball ($26 at Nars), which, if I try to wear this for more than a couple hours on its own, will crease like a mofo on my oily lids. It behaves pretty well over primer or a cream shadow base, tho.
  • THEN, liner time, omg. You’ll probably want to do a very thin line above lashes so as not to obscure your fabulous lid color. Long wing straight out to the side, and widening toward the corner of eye … so you can extend the line all the way across your crease to divide your grey from your Fabulous Peacock. I used a combo of ColourPop’s creme-gel in Swerve ($6 at CP), plus the NARS Eyeliner Stylo ($28 at Sephora) which doesn’t wear well on me but is super easy to draw with.

  • Mascara, obvs. This is Guerlain Maxilash ($32 at Sephora) over Lancôme Cils Booster ($28.46 at Amazon). And yeah, this is definitely a case where one coat of mascara over a coat of Cils Booster is WAY better than two coats of just the mascara.
  • I kept my lower lid/lashline pretty bare on this one. Well, actually I took some pics and then realized I’d forgotten I wanted to do some light grey there, ugh.

YOU’RE DONE. One more pic that shows the sparklitude of that turquoise shadow better because I love it :

YOUR TURN. SHOW US YER MAKEUP! Today’s, yesterday’s, last week’s, doesn’t eeeeeven matter.