Bimatoprost Update!

Hey, remember how awhile back I started using bimatoprost to lengthen my lashes? And how I promised I’d return to give you the results? Well, here are the results!

I ran out of my first bottle of bimat on Thursday night. I’ve been using it fairly faithfully since that first post (though I have probably missed seven or ten days total — none consecutive. Sometimes you fall asleep doing homework without applying your lash serum first, okay? Priorities). In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve been putting a single drop in the cap and using a thin eyeliner brush to liberally saturate the base of my eyelashes. I thought I could probably get two months out of this bottle. (I was wrong, but I *did* get more than a month’s worth.)


DISCLOSURE: you might notice that they have some mascara on them. That’s because even at their new length, they’re still mostly blonde and won’t show up for the camera. (At all. Even with the fancy non-phone camera I tried. I’m sorry! I tried! I tried so hard!) HOWEVER, I used a darkening-but-not-much-else mascara; the length you see is the real length. Promise.

Max lash is supposed to be achieved somewhere in the vicinity of eight weeks; so though I’m plenty happy with what I’ve got going on, there could be more lash growth yet to come. Woot!


There was some intense lashline itching between day 15 – 21, though it subsided and was completely gone within the following week. If that level of itchiness stuck around the whole time, I would discontinue use — it was SUPER distracting. I haven’t otherwise noticed any increased redness, inflammation, discoloration of the lid or iris, or periorbital subcutaneous fat loss. (Which I guess is a thing that happens to some people.)

One unanticipated outcome — which isn’t quite a side effect, but whatever — is that my lower lashes also grew like WHOA. (I only applied the bimat to the upper lashes, but transfer is gonna happen.) Spider legs are not quite my ~personal aesthetic~. This is only time having blonde lashes comes in really handy — I can just choose not to darken my lower lashes! But if they were naturally dark, I would literally resort to trimming them because they are a little out of control.


Would I recommend bimatoprost? HECK YES.

Would I recommend this product at $150 bottle? Erm … it depends on your budget, I guess? I would not personally spend $150 a bottle for this. (I’m vain, but in the battle between ‘vain’ and ‘poor,’ poor wins out.) I would, however, spend $15/bottle for this. (Which is what I did.)

Would I recommend this over lash extensions, which (according to the eyelash salon nearest me) costs $135 upfront + $45 (every 2-3 weeks) and requires you to spend two hours on your back? YES.

Would I recommend this over false lashes, which can damage natural lashes over time (and are also a nuisance to apply to my hooded, round eyes)? YES.

Would I recommend talking to your doctor if you want a prescription for bimatoprost? YES. (Mine was an easy process — I asked, she obliged.)

Last week, apropos of nothing, my cousin complimented my amazing lashes. (Her words, not mine.) I was like “I KNOW RIGHT?! IT’S GENERIC LATISSE” and she said she figured they either had to be extensions or Latisse. Good eye, cousin. Good eye.

Have you tried this yet? If not, whyyyyyyy? Talk about it!