SWATCHOUT : Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten

I don’t have a cute tie-in or brilliant insight into this product, but it’s half-off at Ulta tomorrow (Wednesday, March 29th). It’s one of my favorite blush formulas, so I wanted to give y’all a heads up.

Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten ($28/0.176 oz) is a marbleized, domed, baked blush — they’re hard and silky and smooth, rather than soft/dusty like a pressed powder. Still, it’s easy to pick up and deposit product with a brush, and they blend out like a dream.

Image from Shade shown is Boysenberry.

My go-to blush is Apricot Berry (LE, sorry, but it’s still on eBay and Amazon) — if I don’t know what to wear, I grab this one. It’s shimmery but doesn’t emphasize pores (more ‘sheen’ than ‘shimmer’ once blended), and helps my dry skin look more alive without looking blinged-out. (I promise I will never again use that phrase.) Apricot Berry lasts about nine hours on me. I have several others — Pink Grapefruit, Tropic Hues, Pink Buttercream, Ethereal Rose/Subtle Berry duo — and they all perform similarly (not too much shimmer, nice blendability, seven-to-nine hours’ wear). All but Ethereal Rose/Subtle Berry duo pull warm on me, but I have warm undertones; I suspect that the pinker shades (Peach Delight, Tropic Hues, Pink Buttercream) would pull cooler on cool skintones.

I’ve had my Apricot Berry for at least three years, 3+ times/week use, and it’s barely dented. At $28, that’s a decent value; at $14, that’s a mighty good deal.


Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten
Need to see this even BIGGER? Right-click and select “open image in new tab”!

Ethereal Rose/Sateen Subtle Berry Duo (LE): the only truly cool-toned one of the bunch, a plummy rose-mauve with silvery-pink sheen. It’s probably the most unique of the bunch — I have plenty of plum blushes in my collection, but zero true dupes.

Apricot Berry (LE): My personal favorite, and a warm coral-pink with reddish-gold undertones. It’s VERY similar to the permanent Pink Buttercream, except a tad more golden.

Peach Delight: a pale peach-pink with pink shimmer.. The shimmer on this is more separate from the base color, the texture leans a bit dusty/powdery, and it can look like it’s sitting on the skin instead of melting in. With a little extra blending this one is very pretty, but it does take that extra work. I’m guessing this will probably look chalky on medium or darker skintones, as it leans chalky even on my very fair skin.

Pink Grapefruit: a more bronze-orangey version of Apricot Berry/Pink Buttercream, and with more noticeable shimmer; if Pink Buttercream is the perfect year-round hue, this is its summer-specific twin.

Sunswept: an even more bronzed-brown version of Pink Grapefruit — though they share some of the undertones, this one has less rosiness and toes the line between blush and bronzer.

Tropic Hues: a cheerful warm pink with fine gold shimmer. Pretty, but dupable.

Honeysuckle: a peachy-bronze (a couple shades lighter than Sunswept and a touch more peach, but in the same family).

Pink Buttercream: A lovely rose-plum with bronzey/orange undertones — though it leans coral-orange and plum-rose and rust-bronze (how? I don’t know. Magic, maybe), it’s firmly in the “pink” category. If you only pick one, this is the one I’d recommend! It melts into the skin like a dream, blends out well, and works with any other makeup that isn’t blatantly cool. (Maybe no blue-toned pastel pinks with this one.)

Peach Delight, Pink Grapefruit, and Sunswept have the strongest/largest shimmer particles, while the rest have more of a melty shimmer-sheen.

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Drawbacks? I think the packaging is straight-up hideous. It’s functional enough, but the cheap black plastic + ugly screenprint logo annoys me. I do like the half-window (so you can see the color) and the inclusion of a mirror on the inside lid, though! Another drawback is that these are practically impossible to depot (they’re baked on a terracotta disc) — if you prefer stashing your blush singles in z-palettes, this isn’t going to work.

Have you tried these? Liked them? Disliked them? Tell!