Everything’s Better With Sparkly Puffs

Are you a magpie? Are you irresistibly attracted to glittery things? ME TOO. A while back I was futzing around on Michael’s and ran across SPARKLY POMPOMS, so of course I had to get a bunch. And then of course I had to stick them on anything I possibly could.

My favorite so far : on a headband, oh my goodness yes. You totally need one of these, right? LET’S CRAFT. Okay yeah, as “crafting” goes, this is absurdly simplistic and easy. OTOH, it’s fun and spangly and you can wear it, and it costs like five dollars or something.


A hot glue gun


Sparkly pompoms, obviously. These come in all-one-color / all-one-size packs, or multi-color multi-sized variety packs. I usually prefer a monochrome deal for my glitter-puff accessories, but the advantage of the multi packs is that the teeny puffs allow you to REALLY cover the whole band with no gaps, if that’s important to you.

A headband, with a top surface that’s fairly flat, at least a half-inch wide, and ideally not slick plastic. If you can find a fabric-covered one, that’s best. If you can find a fabric-covered one that matches either the color of your pompoms or the color of your hair, that’s extra-best. Here’s a wide black satin one, or if you’re really REALLY into this plan (or you have need of festive party favors for girls), here’s a whole rainbow set of ‘em.

Mine are covered with a kind of weird corduroy stuff. The top one was brown until I spray-painted it silver because *duh*.


1 Try on your headband how you usually wear it. Does your hair sort of curl around it in a voluminous manner or nah? You’ll want to note (or mark) on the headband which parts are totally buried in your usual headband-hairstyle — because you DON’T want a bunch of pompoms making your hair stick out (or getting caught in it) where it’s usually flat and sleek.

2 Also, test out the positioning of your poms on the headband — will you have room for two rows side by side? Or kind of staggered and spaced? Get an idea beforehand of how you’re going to position them and how many you’ll need. They should be fairly close together, but don’t jam-pack them on there like sardines, as their constant pushing against each other puts stress on the hot glue adhesion.

3 Now, fire up your hot glue gun.

4 While that’s warming, get your pompoms ready! I find it’s easier to position them and get them to adhere securely if I trim them a little. Specifically, the little metallic tinsel pieces stick out quite a bit further than the … puff core, or whatever the technical term is, and I really hope there’s a technical term for that. ANYWAY, those long tinsel bits can get in the way of solid adhesion. SO, I like to prep them by first inspecting to see if they’ve already got a flat/bare spot with no tinsel bits sticking out — and if they don’t, make one. Just take the scissors and shear off the tinsel so that you’ve got a flatter surface there (and the hot glue will stick to the solid fuzz better than it’ll stick to the stringy metallic bits). Set them down on their newly-flat side so they’re ready to pick up and apply.

5 And apply! Do a dot of hot glue about 1/4” roundish, and immediate press the flat side of a pompom into it. Hold firmly in place for a few seconds to give the glue time to set. Continue until you’ve covered the whole area that isn’t going to be hidden by hair.

Lastly, you’ll want to trim any errant long tinsel bits, and remove the inevitable hot glue cobwebs. And you’re done! Look what you made! VARIATION : If you prefer a stretchy fabric headband, you can still do this — BUT, it’s way, way better to sew them on individually. If you must do a stretchy headband and you must use glue, find a cylindrical jar or something that’s roughly the same diameter as your head, so that the band is stretched out to about the same size it’ll be when you’re wearing it. This will prevent pompoms that were glued onto an unstretched band from falling off when it IS stretched as the fabric expands and pulls away from the glue.

Crown Princess of Goth Puff. Oh hey look I bleached my hair to platinum silver-white! Just fucking with you, it’s totally a wig.
You’re totally gonna make one of these, right? Right?